The spirit of Oklahoma is alive and well at BancFirst.

Our legacy is built on loyalty. So is our business model.

Our story is Oklahoma's story.

The financial institution now known as BancFirst dates back more than a century. It spans Oklahoma’s evolution from Native Nations to land runs, and the transition from territory to statehood.

And with each passing era, we've based our business on one rock-solid truth: Loyalty matters.

Like many banks, we started small. But over the years we've grown to more than 100 locations in 60 Oklahoma communities. We're chartered by the state, an FDIC member, and consistently selected as one of America’s safest banks. Our total assets have grown to nearly $10 billion strong.

Each of our communities is led by a President, who manages a team that is focused on providing first-class service to each of our customers. We empower these local teams to make many important decisions - because they're clearly in the best position to understand the needs and financial goals of the Oklahomans who walk through their doors.

We strive to meet each customer wherever they may be on their journey. We work every day to earn the reputation as a financial partner that can be relied on for ethical, honest, and inclusive dealing.

Yes, we embrace the conveniences and efficiencies of modern technology. But we will never forget that Oklahoma's unique identity has always come from our people, the towns and cities we call home, the businesses we create, and the lifestyles we embrace.

Our pledge is simple,

BancFirst, Loyal to Oklahoma & Loyal to You

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